Couple Shoot {Matt and Chelsea}

I had the absolute privilege to spend some time on Wednesday afternoon with Matt and Chelsea, taking some photos of them in one of their favourite spots here in Cape Town, Kirstenbosch.  They are such a happy and loving couple, and spending time with them definitely was more fun than work 🙂

The weather leading up to the day of the shoot had been a lot of rain, rain, rain and more rain! But the morning of the shoot, the rain stayed away, but I was left with a wonderful, white, overcast sky! What more could I ask for?

These are some of my favourites from my afternoon spent with them:

couple with reflection off watercloseup of couple through the treesblack and white image of couple kissing in kirstenboschcouple on grass in kirstenboschportrait of a couple on a park benchPlease check out my facebook page for more photos and info about me!


About Magical Moments in Time

I am a Cape Town based photographer, specialising in newborns, children, families and engagements/weddings
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2 Responses to Couple Shoot {Matt and Chelsea}

  1. Ann Curry says:

    Katie your mum sent me a link to your website and I must say I am so impressed with your photo shoots–so much character mood and atmosphere captured that I found it an exciting experience. You obviously have a huge talent and so brilliant that you are using it. I can imagine that your clients have been absolutely thrilled–I know that I would have been. Your last one of the family was really precious and amazing that the pics turned out so well taking into account that the children weren’t well. You have to keep going no matter what –GOOD LUCK Ann Curry

    • Ann, thanks so much for those really kind words! It is such a privilege to be able to have the opportunity to capture precious moments in people’s lives. I am having a blast and loving what I am doing. Thanks again, Katie

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