{23} in {52}

I was invited to a tea party to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and of course the camera had to come along too! I decided to use this photo for my project 52 because it was not the usual “use a photo of a friend that I would have taken anyway” kind of photo.  I decided to concentrate on taking some pics of the decor and surrounds (as well as the photos of the girls having tea), because this is one aspect I think that I need to work on a little. Isn’t learning what taking photos regularly is all about?

D was thoroughly spoiled by all the girls who joined her for tea, and she must have received about 4 bouquets of flowers! I found this lone orchid near the window, having been cleared aside to make room for all the new arrivals. It was absolutely beautiful in the afternoon light which was streaming in from their lounge window, and it was begging to be photographed. Of course I complied 🙂

BW orchid with window light

I spent some time working on processing this photo. The background had some spots that needed removal, and I also spent some time working on the black and white conversion. I am really happy with how it turned out, I think that I may be getting the hang of editing my photos too! A happy side effect of taking lots of photos.


About Magical Moments in Time

I am a Cape Town based photographer, specialising in newborns, children, families and engagements/weddings
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