Project 52 {half way mark}

I am starting to pick up my camera and take it with me almost every time I set foot out of the house – this is a major step for me, as I used to (in the world of film) take about 24 photos a YEAR! Since going digital, I have taken more than 24 photos each year, but I still seem to only bring the camera out when there is a specific event, or reason to have a camera.  By embarking on this project 52, I was hoping to improve my photography, and to learn that photography is not confined to specific events or times. I also wanted to become completely comfortable with all the settings of my camera.

I was inspired by a number of project 365’s cropping up, but I knew that if I tried to take a photo everyday, I would miss a day or two, and would end up feeling as though I had failed – I know that I would still have taken photos, and would still have learnt from taking photos, but I probably would have lost all benefit of this because I would have focused on the days I missed instead of the days I didn’t. I decided, rather, to endeavour to take a photo a week instead. I felt that this would be completely acheivable, as all I would have to do is to schedule an hour one either Saturday or Sunday to taking a photo. Some of the weeks, this is exactly what it has meant, other weeks, things have been much more difficult. I hit weeks where I had absolutely no idea what I should use as a subject, and eventually, rather late on Sunday night, there I would be, running around the house, looking for something “interesting” to use!

Week 2 and week 9 are perfect examples of me feeling as though I had run out of time, and I had to take a photo then.

puppy being held

Week 02

layout with 3 photos of flowers and the words peace, love, happiness

Week 09













Autumn leaves

Week 20

Week 20’s photo was also taken at home, but this one was a conscious decision to take a photo of the beautiful autumn leaves that were in the garden. To me, the difference between week 9 and week 20 is startling. Week 9 is simply 3 photos of 3 flowers from pretty much the same angle. In week 20’s photo, I tried to think more artistically, and I took this photo with the light behind the leaves, creating a completely different feel to a simple photo of leaves. I am not sad that I took the photos of the flowers in week 9, not at all. I used the opportunity to work on my post processing skills, and to practise matting photos together onto one canvas. I think that at some stage, I will have to repeat week 9 but try to look at from a different angle, and possibly compare the two results… something to add to the drawing board!

I am definitely seeing an improvement in my photos generally, and I hope that I will be learning and improving for as long as I own a camera! This post is feeling a little text-heavy, so now for some of the 26 photos I have taken this year so far:

sleeping baby

Week 01

Week 01 – my goddaughter, 3 days young





couple standing in sea, legs only

Week 05


Week 05 – one of my favourites from a couple shoot.




Sepia pic of the birthday boy and his beautiful sister

Week 11


Week 11 – Ty’s 21st birthday




a reflection of table mountain and the cable car in a window

Week 13



Week 13 – a reflection of Table Mountain in a window (honeymoon, day 1)




puppy chewing slipper

Week 16


Week 16 – a slipper being destroyed by a friend’s puppy





sun setting over Sea Point beach, Cape Town

Week 21


Week 21 – view from Sea Point promenade while taking our (not so little anymore) puppy for his walk






little girl watching her mother play squash

Week 22


Week 22 – A friend’s 7 month old daughter watching mom play squash




High key BW photo of boy

Week 25


Week 25 – another friend’s child at the squash courts (I spend way too much time here!)


About Magical Moments in Time

I am a Cape Town based photographer, specialising in newborns, children, families and engagements/weddings
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2 Responses to Project 52 {half way mark}

  1. lovely shots, that dog is adorable (:

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